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"Our Electrolysis Is More Permanent Than Laser Hair Removal"
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Compare The Methods

Electrolysis PERMANENT
Since 1875, Electrolysis is the only method PROVEN to permanently remove unwanted hair. Safe, effective, successful on ALL skin and hair types.
Very expensive, can only be done on certain skin and hair types. Done improperly can permanently lighten or darken skin tone.
Tweezing Temporary
Time consuming, painful, has a tendency to make hair grow in heavier and thicker.
Waxing Temporary
By removing the fine, natural hairs along with the bothersome hairs, the resulting regrowth may be heavy, thick hairs throughout the entire area.
Shaving Temporary
Irritating to the skin, must be done daily to avoid razor stubble, many women develop poor self-esteem by doing this "manly trait".
Depilatories Temporary
"Shaving without a razor" A cream is applied to the skin surface and removed after a specified period of time. May burn or irritate sensitive skin.
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